Absolutely Amazing!


I think because of the weather outside today I’m in the mood for skulls and flowers… And what a lucky day finding these great artists that I feel oblige to share them work with you because what is art without being shared?!…

Muertitas….These mixed media wall pieces that explores the cycles of nature – Birth,Death and Rebirth –  are made of wood, Styrofoam, twine, wire, glue, tape, paper maché, clay, synthetic flowers, freeze-dried leaves and plants, acrylic paint, acrylic sealants, and “lots of love”, are a great visual expression of joy of life and of respect for the finality.

“I decided to create Momma Muertita based on an unpublished story of mine where immortal nature spirits are hunted. The seasons, Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter, were also inspired by that same storyline.”


pictures by Chris Rigg Photography

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